Friday, July 30, 2010

Samoa Rocks

Hi Im Mui and I am Samoan. My village in Samoa is Savaii - Salelologa. As you dont know, I havnt been to Samoa. My whole family has but except me and as you all know there was a Tsunami that hit Samoa. The Tsunami hit Lalomanu and Poutasi beach. My family and I are very lucky. Why? because the Tsunami didnt hit Salelologa. If it had did my whole family would be crying hard out but no they are not. For those who have lost there families or friends from the Tsunami I am very sorry. I hope that you all are all - allright coping with this awful tragedy but may you all be all - right and for those who cleaned up the mess in Samoa thankyou very much.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Graphics is Fabulous

In Graphics we have been using Adobe Illustrator
to draw our designs. We used the shape tool and the pencil tool to draw our designs. We also used the linear and Radial Gradient tools fill our designs with colour and have made our lettering go round in a circle by using the text on a path tool. Our Graphic teacher is Miss Ferguson. She is amazing and good at drawing and her dance moves at Tech is cool.

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Little info about Rangitoto

Rangitoto is the youngest volcanoe and has had the biggest eruption ever. Rangitoto erupted about 600 - 800 years ago and continued for the next decade. Maori people living on Motutapu Island at the time must of thought that the end of the world had arrived but no. Another name for Rangitoto is Bloody sky and Rangitotos full name is Te Rangi i totongia a Tama - Te - Kapu.