Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mairangi bay

. Yayh were going to Mairangi bay. Us Year 7's were very excited to hear that we were going to Mairangi bay. It was a chance to get out of school and have fun at the beach.
Getting on the bus was making us unpatient. As soon as we got there we all jumped up with joy. At first we were asked to go to upstairs to there club house. We all sat down while 3 Life Guards introduced there self. There names were Meghan, Rosey and Rechal.

Later on we went outside and sat on the grass to hear what was happening next. We got taught that they use there rubber boat for rescuing and other stuff. We also had an demonstration from
Nathaniel, Moses and Casey.
It was morning tea now. We only had 15 minutes. After that we played Bull rush and Life guards coming. It was alright until we had to go back the clubhouse. We done a quiz and learning about different waves. Now its lunchtime.

People were playing touch and burring there self under the sand. Lunch time was over and then it was time for swimming. Unfortunately I didn't go swimming because I didn't want to. Even though I never went swimming I hanged out with Helen Tui, Kezia and Vaha.

It was funny. People who were swimming looked like they were having fun. Lots of fun. Soon it was time to head back to school. Tanielu done the thank you speech while we sat down and listened and also agreed to it. So we had lots of fun and I hope it would happen again.

Mairangi bay ROCKS!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

- They lay eggs
- Have no legs
- Live in soil
- They eat soil and also dead and decaying material
- They have moist skin
- Their skin is covered by a film of mucus
- It is a small a wriggling creature that lives in the soil

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting our new netbooks

Yesterday on the 16th of November we finally got our new netbooks. As well as getting our new netbooks, yesterday we got shown how to use it and keeping it safe. We also had a chance to  play on it. It was really fun. Having our new netbooks has made the Year 7’s even more happy. I would also like to thank my school principal Mr Burt and his lovely wife Mrs Burt for trusting us to have our own new netbooks.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday which was the 2nd of November my class Room 19 and I went swimming after lunch in our brand new swimming pool. Our new swimming pool is located on our school netball courts. Unfortunately I never went swimming because of my leg so instead I was filming my class swimming and also having fun.

Since me and Jane were filming we actually thought that the swimming pool was cool. Everyone was having fun and they even done a circle and started singing the National Anthem.

Chris the swimming teacher started to teach them how to float on there back and dog paddle. Soon everyone started doing what they were suppose to be doing. So everyone had fun.

After that Chris decided that there should be a handstand competition so we did. He also decided that there should be two groups so there was two groups. One group had to go to the other side of the pool and the other team to the other side of the pool.

Finally it was time for the finals. The teams had to pick one person from there group to verse the other groups team player. So in the finals were Sharon and Cruz. Unfortunately Cruz won.

Later on it was time to go home. Some students left the pool happy and some were sad because they wanted to stay in the pool a bit longer. Our teacher Ms Tito told us that we could relax in the sun. So some students relaxed and some just went for a run.

It was fun and cant wait for next tuesday.