Friday, April 15, 2011


This Term my class and I have being doing projects based on our School Values. I chose to do Respect and here on the top left hand side is a Video that I done based on a Respect I hope you enjoyed it.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What do I Like and Dislike about my friends?

Q. What do I like/dislike about my friends.

My Best Friend is Mauina, I like how she’s always there for me when I am down. I also have other friends which are Racheal, Tracey, Etta, Vaha, Shontal and Helen Tupou. When its lunch time we always play touch or rugby if not we just sit under a tree and relax. Having fun is what us friends love doing. Racheal, Tracey, Etta, Vaha,Helen and Shontal have been friends of mine for a year now. I like having them as my friends because they are like family to me.

At times my friends can be really annoying but then they cheer me up. There are times when I get angry at them and say that were not friends anymore but deep down they’re still my friends. Some times we even have a little fit at each other but we all care for one another.

My friends are really fun to hang out with and as I said before they are like family to me.