Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Silly Sports day

“ Come on, come on, we might be late” I said. There I was on the school courts with a bunch of girls hurrying towards the bottom field. I could see that everyone was there. My class was right next to our school playgrounds and Rooms 22, 19 and 20 were a bit far from us. It was Silly Sports day and I was really excited. We first started off with our own class.

Mrs Lagitupu had already organised a game called Ball Tiggy. There were different coloured teams. red, Blue, Yellow and Green. I was in yellow. Our aim was to try and get our opponents out by trying to get them out by tagging them with a ball. Our hands and our feet were always used to dive, dodge and to put up targets. It made me feel exhausted but I was okay at the end.

It was time to switch. Next up was Miss Tito. We were asked to line up while she showed us a few demonstrations before we started. The ball will go on the slingshot then you had to use your strength to try and aim for one of the hoops. Our class were really aiming for the pink hoop. Points were all we wanted so that we could beat the other classes. Unfortunately we didn’t get our results but I’m pretty sure that we won.

Keeping my balance is one of the biggest things I hate to do. But for Mr Harris’s game we had to. My partner was Mauina. Tying a knot on both of our legs were really hard and hurtful. We had to walk to a cone with a Spoon and tennis ball on our hand and also with a knot tied around our legs. Difficult was the word that was in my mind. I persevered a lot and hoped that my partner and I did well.

“ NO!”, it was our last game but luckily we had Mrs Nua. I was waiting to play her game because it look fun. We were divided into 4 groups and I was in group 4. In front of us was a bucket filled with water and a sponge and at the back of us was a bucket that had nothing in it. The first person had to dip the sponge into the bucket filled with water, then had to pass it on until it reached the last person. Last person will then squeeze it into the bucket with no water. The bucket with the most water wins. Group 1 had won both rounds and became the winner.

Sports day was finished but school wasn’t. It was lunch time already and I was ecstatic. Hope that we have it again.

Friday, August 19, 2011

' Are we there yet?'

With a sigh I sat down on our school courts feeling nervous. The wind was already giving me goosebumps. I looked around to see if anyone was nervous but they all seemed confident. We were all in groups from Year 7 girls to Year 7 boys. The Year 8 girls were next, then the Year 8 boys. I intended to walk it but then I decided to persevere and give it my all.

There standing next to the start line was Ms Vaafusuaga. After calling up the Year 7 boys it was our turn next. Walking to the start line was really making me shiver. Then 'Clap' the two pieces of wood on each of Ms Vaafusuaga's hands hit each other. It was time to run.

I ran as fast as I could and started to jog when I went passed the second cone. I could see Etta all the way in the front and decided to start running. Going up the hills and over bridges was really tiring. I kept on screaming out ' are we finished yet?' But there was no reply. Teachers were there to help us if we needed directions or First Aid.

Finally arriving to the finish line was really exhausting. I was also happy because I came 10th and my running was worth it. Even though there were sometimes that I walked or jog I still managed to get through it and come 10th. I thought Cross Country was boring but at the end its really not. I enjoyed it a lot and I am so happy that I ain't here next year.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Samoa is one of the countries competing in this years Rugby World Cup in NZ.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My sister's trip

Before 8:30 in the morning I was already packed for my sister’s trip. We were ready to go to the Museum. Across the road was my sister’s school. I could see vans arriving and parents with their kids. My sister was already across the road hopping into the van. I was a helper and also with some other people, so I had to keep an eye out on the little ones.

I tried keeping my patience until we finally headed towards our destination. I hopped out of the van with excitement, to see lots of people heading in and out of the museum. Firstly we had to take the roll to see if everyone was here and luckily everyone was. We were approaching to the door until I saw Mrs Tuala. She is a teacher form my school. Her daughter came on the trip too.

We were asked by the museum people to go upstairs to begin our trip. I saw the Kiwi and many living creatures. Some were big and some were small but were very fascinating to look at. Still looking around I went to Pacific livings, to see different cultural things which was very overwhelming. There were artifacts from Tongan, Samoan, Cook Island and also many other pacific cultures. It was really fun.

After that we had a long big feed. The food was nice and it was really delicious.
We didn’t have much time so we decided to go back to school and have a little play then go home. I really enjoyed it and I hope to go there another time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Final Design

My final design is:

I chose this design because: I believe that is very outstanding. To me it is also very easy to understand.


* Does your sign meet all the specifications and requirements of the brief? If so, how?

* What is the purpose of your sign? Do you think your sign will help eliminate a problem in the school or street? If so, how?
Yes it can, because I know that the seniors will listen and if not then we will just leave it to Mr Burt.

* What did you do well? I made it easy to understand.

* What difficulties did you come across while making your sign? Hard to draw so I took a screen shot.

* What can you do next time to improve your project? Hand it in on time.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Design 2

Design 2

It is bright.

The juniors might not understand
From far you can still see it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Design 1

You need to come up with at least 2 different possible sign designs and complete a PMI for each. This should include some feedback from an adult or a peer around the school who would represent the stakeholders.

It's easy to understand.
Clear and also readable.
People might not follow the instruction

Its very bright
stood out.