Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The day the King of Pop died

Here is the King of Pop Michael Jackson. Ever Since he had past away the whole wide world was left with the horrifying news.My favourite dance of his is the moon-walk.I cant believe that hes gone. Michael Jackson was going to have his last concert but no he didn't. His songs were very interesting o listen to. His song We are the world was very approaching. He had millions of songs and amazing ones.


  1. Talofa Mui you have a great piece of writing about the king of pop.I know how sad it was for the world to hear about this anyways I cant wait to hear your next piece of writing.

    Keep up the great work Girl.

  2. Malo Lava Mui you have a great piece of writing about the king of pop. YOU are the same I love seeing him do the Moon-walk too. One of my favourite songs of his is Black& white! Can't wait to see more of or beautiful work posted up on your blog! You go girl!.

  3. Hey! Mui.

    That sounds real exiting! Even though it was so small.
    I liked how you explained how his songs were like and also how you also said! The moonwalk maker has pasted away!
    Keep It Up!!



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