Thursday, May 19, 2011

Immersion rotation

Immersion with Ms Lagitupu

In the beginning of Term 2 our senior block have been having Immersion rotations. At first we had immersion with our teacher Mrs Lagitupu. Our topic was Imagination. We were given questions like What is Imagination? and Imagine if you had super powers what would it be? We were divided into groups and it was so much fun. I’ve learnt so much about what Imagination is all about and what imagining something is like. Its like being in a dream.

Immersion with Ms Tito

Immersion with Ms Tito was very competitive . Our topic with her was Creativity. We had to design our name in different types of lettering and then share it to her. So on I went trying to think of some awesome lettering’s for my name. Ms Tito gave us some clues which was letting us look at her classes designs for their names. It was very fantastic. It soon came to the end and it was time to show Ms Tito my brilliant work. Ms Tito had told us that the person that wins the competition gets to throw water balloons at the class and also the teacher, so I hope I win.

Immersion with Mrs Nua
Doing Discovery with Mrs Nua was very difficult because we had to create a surface to protect our egg. Our challenge was to drop our egg and the surface had to protect it from cracking. For this we were given tape, scissors , 8 Ice block sticks and 10 straws. My partner for this was Sharon and Mauina. It did take us a lot of thinking but then we were finished. It was time to test if our egg will not crack by the help of the protecter. We dropped it and then CRACK!, our egg went. Even though it didn’t make it but at least we tried.

Immersion was interesting because I learnt about new things. I’m looking forward to this topic this term.

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