Friday, August 19, 2011

' Are we there yet?'

With a sigh I sat down on our school courts feeling nervous. The wind was already giving me goosebumps. I looked around to see if anyone was nervous but they all seemed confident. We were all in groups from Year 7 girls to Year 7 boys. The Year 8 girls were next, then the Year 8 boys. I intended to walk it but then I decided to persevere and give it my all.

There standing next to the start line was Ms Vaafusuaga. After calling up the Year 7 boys it was our turn next. Walking to the start line was really making me shiver. Then 'Clap' the two pieces of wood on each of Ms Vaafusuaga's hands hit each other. It was time to run.

I ran as fast as I could and started to jog when I went passed the second cone. I could see Etta all the way in the front and decided to start running. Going up the hills and over bridges was really tiring. I kept on screaming out ' are we finished yet?' But there was no reply. Teachers were there to help us if we needed directions or First Aid.

Finally arriving to the finish line was really exhausting. I was also happy because I came 10th and my running was worth it. Even though there were sometimes that I walked or jog I still managed to get through it and come 10th. I thought Cross Country was boring but at the end its really not. I enjoyed it a lot and I am so happy that I ain't here next year.

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