Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The Baby is as cute as a little puppy
The Baby is like a dream come true
The Baby is like his mum very quiet as a mouse sleeping

The Monkey is as flexible as an athlete
The car is as shiny as gold
As brave as Albert Einstein
As smooth as a fluffy cushion
As soft as a warm blanket
As happy as Samoa winning the Rugby World Cup!
As loud as fans cheering for there country
As warm as a hug
As large as the Eden Park Stadium

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  1. Hey there Mui! My name is Faun, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am commenting on your blog for my EDM310 class. I am studying to be an Elementary school teacher there. I have already commented on one of your classmates blog's, her name is Sela. I can tell already after reading about you, that you love rugby too. Rugby is not really popular in Alabama, but I am going to research it and learn some more about it. It must be pretty fun, because I see it mentioned a lot in your classmate's blogs.
    I liked your Similes. Are you studying those in school? How about this one? "I am as cool as a cucumber". Similes are awesome. Well, Mui I had fun reading your blog, comment me back if you would like. Bye


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