Monday, June 20, 2011

Science Roadshow

Yesterday which was the Thursday 9th June our Team 5 Senior block was invited to go to the Tamaki Science Roadshow. It also involved money but luckily it was cheap. It was only $7.00. Our Senior block were divided into groups or went by them selves with there class. Rooms 22 were the first class to go and then on went Room 20.

Room 21, 19 and 18 went together down at Tamaki College. When we arrived to Tamaki College we were asked to go into the Audi - Torium. When we sat down all we saw were heaps of science things. At first the Presenters introduced them selves. Laura, Shane and Lady D. They showed us and taught us a bit about Science and then showed us some science things such as different surfaces and some experiments.

I learnt that to make fire you would have to have Oxygen, Fuel and also heat. Looking around I saw a piano mat. I thought to myself " What has this got to do with Science but then but then the trick was that if you stood on a keynote it would make the actual or usual sound of a piano. It was fun.

After that Laura told us to go back to our seats. The Science Roadshow was nearly finished, but we still had one last show. She showed us a blury picture and asked what we could see. Just by using the things that were in the picture it looked like a skull, but then it was actually a girl looking at herself in the mirror.

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