Monday, July 4, 2011

Tamaki Tech!

Every Monday at Point England School the Year 7 and 8's go to Tamaki College for Tech. We leave school at 8:30am and should arrive there at around 9. For Tech there are 5 groups. Each group takes different subjects. There's Science, Electronics, Food Tech, Graphics and Wood work. I'm in Science.

My teacher is Mr Dewan. For the past few weeks in his class we have been learning about things like Acids, Chemicals and things that we have to know. Science for me is very interesting and I find it quite easy to understand. Today our class was learning how to know what temperatures are. We got divided into groups and then got to work. If you do not know it is the last day in Science. Every Term we move to different groups and I cant wait to see what group I am going to next.
I hope that it is fun like Science.

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