Friday, March 25, 2011

Camp TC

I felt extremely ecstatic and so excited! My bags were already ready for camp. This year I was looking forward to camp because unfortunately I didn’t go camp last year. This years camp was from Monday - Wednesday. On Monday people came in mufti and also with their luggage. Everyone was so filled with joy but first we had to have a camp meeting with Mrs Nua then headed off to our activities with our group. My Group were the Participatorz. Our leaders were Helen Tui and Charm.

Day 1:

The first day of camp was really exciting for me. Through the whole day we were all playing

games and helping out with the Hangi. Our 1st game was with Mr Harris which was Khan.

The aim of the game was to roll the ball in the middle of the cones and run and get it back.

The first team to get the most rolls in the cones until the times over wins. For this game we

were divided in half and had 2 Teams against each other. I was in Helen’s group. When we

finished we were moved to different activities through the day. One was making our tents up

our tents we were told to get our luggage

and put it in our tent.

Day 2:

In the morning at 6:00 we had to wake up for Jump Jam. Some

wouldwake up earlier or just sleep in. After Jump Jam was breakfast.

It wasdelicious. Then finally it was Rock up time. At Rock up we got

told thateach group were challenging each other for the treasure box.

In thetreasure box were soft drink cans, chocolate and lollies.

At Rock upwas full of different types of activities, there was the

Alligator Alley, Rock Wall, Ski Boards, Archery and the Dunker.

My favourite highlightat Rock up was the Dunker. Getting people

dunked, wet and splashed was cooling and fun too. It was so hot

that I felt like I was going to meltbut thanks to the dunkers

getting me wet I survived.

Camp T.C Concert:

At Camp there was a concert. Each group had to perform a Item and an MTV and a special

item. We had 3 judges which were Mr Jacobsen with the help of two people, Peni and Cindy.

I really enjoyed seeing lots of items and MTV’s. My favourite item that night were the Motivaterz

and the Thinkers. It was really fun.

Going to a school camp was really fun. I hope that at the end of the Year the year 8 students

get to go on another camp.


  1. Hi Mui,

    I have just read your story and it is one of my favorite stories I read today. One thing I need you to work on is your punctuation and anything you would like to work on. Besides everything else I said, your writing is perfect....

    Yours truthfully,

  2. Hey Mui,
    I really liked your interesting story about camp. I hope to see more posts in the future. I really liked your MTV movie.

  3. Hi Mui that was an awsome clip that I had just seen and they all look so cool with their dance move.


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