Thursday, March 24, 2011

Funtastic Holiday

During the holidays on the 29th of January my family and I had a family picnic. My cousins from my Grandpa’s side organized the picnic. It was held at Maraetai beach. We arrived there at 11:00 and came back at 7:00.

As soon as I stepped out of the bus I felt like it was my birthday. Everyone around me were putting up their tents and my brother playing touch with my boy cousins. I joined in playing touch with my brother and cousins.

After that it was time for us kids activities. Firstly we played Tree, log and bridge. After that it was time for the Water Slide. At first I didn't join in because I didn't have any spears so I just sat down with my sister and cousin. It was now round 2 so then I joined with the clothes that I was wearing. Coming down the slide was scary. Since it was slippery I came down the slide fast. I was screaming like I was in a horror movie but it was fun.

After all that fun playing activities it was time to eat. As we were playing before my Mum, aunties and uncles were doing the BBQ. The BBQ was delicious.

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