Thursday, March 24, 2011


“ Yeah today’s Picnic day ” screaming kids in the street. On the 24th February at Point England School was Picnic Day. Every Year at Point England School we have a special day to go to Pt England Reserve for a Picnic. As the bell rang people were rushing through people in the street trying to get to class for assembly. At assembly our principal Mr Burt gave us a few safety rules on heading down to the reserve. After assembly we were getting ready to head down to the reserve. We went there in classes and also with our parent helpers.

When we got there we got told our boundaries and rules. One of our rules were to have fun.
People were already setting up nets and activities for the kids to play. There were many types of sports that were about to be played such as Volley Ball, Softball, Grid - Iron and all kinds of other sports. There was also swimming, we were only allowed to be in the water for 20 minutes. The Juniors were first then the Year 6,7 and 8’s were last.

Everyone was having a great time. People were even having shared lunch and hanging out with Ms Tito and her guitar. Those who were with Ms Tito were learning a new Waiata. Some were singing and some were just there to listen. I was getting bored so I asked Ms T if I could borrow her guitar. I sang and played until I felt tired. My friend Helen was with me and Mauina and Victoria.

At the end of the day everyone had to go line up in there class lines, and wait until the whole school was ready to go back to school. It took long. When everyone was there Mr Burt asked Ms Tito to play a Waiata before we did the closing prea, we sang Wairua Tapu. After the closing prea we all headed back to school to class and got ready for home time.

So....... I really had FUN and I'm sure everyone else had fun too.

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