Thursday, July 7, 2011

During our Street assembly our Principal Mr Burt had a korero about “Why we are one of the richest children in the world ?”. At first I thought that he was lying but then when he told us about his trip overseas I thought back to myself “Oh what if he is right”.

Mr Burt said during his trip he went to a school that really needed money. They had ceiling handing down, curtains wrecked and wires hanging out of walls. It was so horrible to look at. There classes had very loving kids and teachers but there school is broken down. In front of there school there are steel bars and a Guard with a gun. To get inside you have to give your stuff to check if there are any illegal stuff.

Homes are another problem. Many people have lost there homes and are now living in the streets searching for food. They sleep with no beds and nothing comfortable to keep them warm. They also go to sleep hungry and have no food to eat at times.

I thank Mr Burt for going overseas and bringing back great technology for our school to use for our education such as the Net-books. They have been very fun and easy to use. Now I know that we are very special and its all because of Mr and Mrs Burt.


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  2. Kia Ora Mui, I greatly enjoyed reading this post and your reflections on the assembly. And I appreciate your final sentence :). However, the real reason you are special is because you are YOU! You keep trying to do your best in everything you do and you will continue to be special.

    Mrs Burt


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