Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Term 2 Highlights

This term it has been very busy but mostly full of excitements. For the past few weeks students have been involved in School competitions, sport tournaments and school entertainments. The year 5-8 entered movies at the I AM Making Movies Competitions. Our Year 8 extension girls from Room 21 won the Supreme and the Best Story Telling. It was a joyful moment.

Hip Hop
This term we have a Glee Club organised by Mrs Muliamasealii. There are all sorts of groups such as Singing, Hip Pop, Jazz and Ballet. I’m in Hip Pop which is lots of fun. Four Tamaki College students come on Monday and Friday to help with after school practices. In week 11 I will be part of the Glee performance and I am looking forward to it. We will preform on a Thursday after lunch at 2:00 in the school hall. I so cant wait!.

Taoga Time
Taoga time is when you go to different classes to learn something new.
This term I am in Mr Harris class. Science is what we are learning about. We have Taoga time ever Friday's after Morning Tea. Next Term we will be moving to a different taoga time group which means we are going to have a new teacher. With Mr Harris
we have learnt that Science is a way to view the world and has defined methods of research and “knowing”.

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