Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Recently I have received my report from school. My results were very disappointing. Reading, Writing and Maths are the subjects that I am going to be working on during the holidays. To improve this I am going to be reading at home, practicing my maths and also using the thesaurus for my writing.

In class I need to focus more on my school work and pay less attention on other things such as talking. I also need to use the ‘Language of Success’, respect others and contribute to discussions. My listening skills are very unsatisfactory. This means I need to always listen to the teacher.

My next steps is to try to be a role model for the younger ones and to be more considerate of others in class. I have to “Take charge” of my learning to achieve more on my school work.
Next Term I am hoping to move up a level for my reading, writing and maths and to use “ The language of success” at all times.

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